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Why is Forefront Consulting the ideal bookkeeping service?

We’re responsive and online.  We work exclusively with Quickbooks Online. We know the ins and outs of this program, how it integrates with other software, and how we can use it to provide flexible, accessible services.  We’re committed to providing small business owners with quality bookkeeping services, we provide the peace of mind, clarity and insights that empower them to realize their passion and potential.

As your bookkeeper, how will Forefront help my entity to save costs?

Our aim is to automate or streamline most of the mundane accounting functions and redirect your money and time spent in those areas into growing your operations by giving you greater insight into your budget, finances and operations.  Most people hate to do bookkeeping and we will offer piece of mind for a reasonable price, as we will help you understand how your business is performing without waiting as long for information

What types of bookkeeping does Forefront provide included in the monthly bookkeeping fee?

Transactions Review – Forefront maintains your company ledger, which tracks your daily sales and purchases (debits and credits).  

Bank Reconciliations – At regular intervals, Forefront compares your company’s bank account statements to its cash records. We correct any errors and use this information and make adjustments as necessary.

Payroll – Forefront will ensure your employees are paid on time by managing your payroll, which includes accounting for source deductions and other benefits or compensations and automatic preparation of T4s and T4 Summaries at year end.

AR & AP Functions – Forefront can help manage your Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP). Essentially, we handle all incoming and outgoing invoices and payments so you don’t have to!

Budgets, Forecasting and Financial Reports –  Forefront can help you to establish and track budgets as well as issue cash flow forecasts as well as business unit and financial reports that can help you steer your business.

GST Filings – Forefront will automatically prepare and file your GST returns on your behalf

Forefront is approved by CPA.  What does that mean?

Forefront Consulting Ltd. is a fully-registered CPA firm, approved to provide bookkeeping services only.  We do not do prepare taxes or do year ends. As a CPA, Keith is able to provide review and insight. We talk regularly with CPA firms who prepare your year-ends, and we know exactly what they are looking for when they receive a file at year-end.  Once your accountant sees how clean your books and records are, with all key items reconciled and all numbers supported by imbedded receipts, they often can reduce your year end bill by significant amounts.


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At Forefront we’re shaping how small businesses can increase their bookkeeping efficiency.

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